Care Nextel subscribers who have been patiently waiting for asmartphone not shackled to the painfully slow iDEN network, this oneis for you. The Motorola Admiral is Sprint’s first smartphonerunning Push-to-Talk with the company’sCDMA network. This Androiddevice campigns Gingerbread, sports a portrait QWERTY keyboard, a 5megapixel camera on HD recording every wrapped in a rugged body. Thisupgrade to the Titanium takes better specifications everything aroundhaving a 1.2GHz processor and 4GB of internal memory. Contained onthe Admiral you will acquire the 1860mAh battery, micro USB cable andAC adapter.

We have watched a smattering ofportrait QWERTY Android devices from Motorola and the Admiral is thebest plan till. It is a bit more rounded, a millimeter thinner andhalf an ounce lighter as compare to the others which every add up toan improved feel. The keyboard is an excellent blend of firm andsoft; to activate a key you require to press only hard enough, butonce the key is activated it ends on a pop and a nice soft look. Wewere able to type rapidly and absolutely on it, and we think businessusers will enjoy this redesign.

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The display stays at 3.1”, butthe result jumps from 320x480 to 480x640. The display is not amongthe elites, but the better result is remarkable and only createsthings feel better and more refined. It will wash out in brightlight, but has good brightness and overall is simple to read. Thecapacitive buttons below are responsive, and the physical buttonsaround the Admiral offer good response when pressed.

As theTitanium, the Admiral is Military Spec 810G for dust, shock,vibration, solar radiation, low pressure and high/low temperatures.Unluckily it does not have the “splash proof” coating detectedwith the DROID RAZR and promised by Motorola for future devices. Thebattery door is coated with soft touch paint and has a pointedtexture, and with the angled rear it fits comfortably in the hands.