Samsung says that it is OK to go forward and look. No, really. When it comes to the Samsung Motoluxe, it efficiently holds bad ways, because, according to Samsung, this mobile cellphone is going to strike you appearance fans away.

This Operating system 2.3 Gingerbread mobile cellphone is slender and distinct surrounded - just like all you hopeful fashionistas - and has not one but two digital cams with which to take images of yourself.

But, let's get down to the statistics. The Samsung Motoluxe is slightly decrease, yes, at 9.85mm, but not sleek enough to create it a connect of a function, given that the Samsung Razr restart was only 7.1mm.

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Nonetheless, the cellphone seems quite awesome in the side. It is lighting, at 123g, but there is just enough body weight there, plus a rubberised case, which indicates it rests well in the hand without sensation that it might slide out of your side at any second.

Samsung realize the lanyard observe lighting as something to yelp about exciting. It is not a new idea for Operating system mobile phones but on this cellphone it is larger and more frustrating, especially if you have your e-mail set to auto-sync. It is not all tragedy and scathing gloom though, since the Samsung Motoluxe has a charming screen: a 4-inch edge-to-edge, FWVGA display.

Once you have efficiently decided out how to eliminate the steel power supply protect, within you have a detachable power supply, microSD greeting cards position and SIM. The cellphone provides only 1GB of storage space, but you can add up to 32GB with a microSD greeting cards. Overall it is simply, dark-colored and sleek enough to be uninterestingly inoffensive, but the style is just a little too... rectangle... to really be promoted at fashion-loving persons, or anyone with a partner of style.