He pines for late RAZR2 V9, multimedia casing of a strong and durable and third-generation mobile phones are concentrated. A mobile phone, rich in red, are made from stainless steel and are affected eye-catching color casing. Folio in the third-generation mobile phones, high-resolution screen to display two dual-color screen to the user to provide both internal and external are included. 1 screen, the largest outside of the class of the external screen, 2 inches in size, 320 240 pixel screen resolution is attached to the user. The external screen, the display on the screen and a 262k color sensitive TATCHIKI offer music is included. A slightly larger screen, measuring 2.2 inch internal and external crystal-clear screen and the same color and screen resolution are included. , Both the user's screen on the mobile phone wallpaper, screensavers, video clips and photos of high quality, you can enjoy the view.

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Swallow pine RAZR2 V9 late, it's easy, the user, 2-megapixel camera features a moment in an instant to capture the fun you can have access to the functions of a camera attached to. The function of the camera, the user still, you can save, edit, delete, print, or other services to mobile phone messages sent using third-generation mobile phones to capture color photos . The user's mobile phone, to enjoy video playback and a large 2.2 inch color screen, video playback and recording of stream life can be. He pines for late RAZR2 V9, multimedia access and a camera, video and music features easy to use and comes with a mobile phone. This is video camera, 8 & multi-shot digital camera with zoom feature is included. Users, photos and the camera feature is fun time. Motorola RAZR2 V9 late in the pine-kun, I phone users, in radio contact compatible users to stream live video images can be viewed, please refer to are included.