Motorola Aura Cell Phone, Most phones are no more than a few circuit boards. some buttons, a battery and a screen, but Motorola's gleaming new Aura has more than 700 ingredients - many of which are contained in its slick retro-tating A opening mechanism. This takes tips from luxury watches and c1ink¬clunking car doors, and can be viewed through the little window on the back. On? Yep, but still cool. It's also got a fancy screen: anti¬scratch sapphire crystal and capable of displaying 300 dots per inch for syringe-sharp resolution - but. continuing the retro theme, it's not touch sensitive. Delve 'further into the specs cupboard and the shelves are rather bare. There's a paltry 2MP cam, stereo Bluetooth, 2GB of memory and not a lot else.

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