Want a mobile that will do everything below the sun? Pass on to the Motorola Q. This new phone from Motorola is the higher phone Motorola has ever built. The Q is one of the top in the market for phone. If you want to ensure your email, make a call, ensure stocks, verify the weather or news, or find the instructions to a new eatery in town the Motorola Q can do all. It runs the Windows Mobile version 5.0 with Microsoft Exchange 2003. For persons who have not worn Windows Mobile before you will be amazed how much you can do efficiently. It actually is alike to having a full blown desktop at your finger tips. Get email from your Exchange wine waiter could not be easier with the Motorola Q. The need to find how your preferred sports team or did the weather forecast is? Then just pull out your fly to the Motorola Q has a browser and wealth of information from the Internet in their hands.

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