One of the Android handsets that ought to become available for buy via wireless carrier T-Mobile is the Motorola Morrison, spotted a while back in the operator's roadmap. dissimilar other leaked descriptions with the device, the pictures that have surfaced now on the Web show a running handset and we can also have a look at the Android put up it should come up to to the market with.
The handset looks the same as already reported and seems to be quite attractive, a little too attractive for some apparently, as it might resemble the already widely known Apple iPhone, as 9to5mac suggests. One way or an additional, the device will line up by the three existing HTC Android devices and the Samsung Galaxy for the high-end section of the cellular phone market.

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Dissimilar the previously spotted Morrison, the latest model comes in black, and some more information on what it will contain have emerged. Thus, the buttons that are located at the bottom of the screen are able to be seen now, two of which are back and home, while the third one seems to have multiple functionalities, together with call / menu / achievement.

Unfortunately, it seems that no further details on the device are available at the moment, other than the fact that it will come in two different color versions. Hopefully, other variants will also be included in the company's offering, and Morrison will indeed have the capability to attract a wide range of users on its side. As the initial Motorola Android-based cell phone ought to land on the market for a moment in the holiday time frame, more information on it will become existing at that time, and we'll also be able to report on its cost tag, as well as on the markets it will become available in. Take a look at the live photo with Morrison that phandroid brought to the Web and stay tuned for more updates.