Motorola W181 to be a GSM phone. Motorola W181, a Candy Bar mobile comes through a vast list of skin tone. Motorola W181 price is best possible and it is a huge buy.

Motorola W181 is rumor has it that one of the fairly priced hand phones from Motorola. It is claimed to be the cheapest phone with the trendy candy bar drawing. Motorola W181 is comparatively a slim compact phone with all the basic skin texture.

Motorola W181 is a doorway level phone with 1MB inside storage capacity. You can store up to 500 phone statistics and 750 SMS messages. These features look appealing doesn't it? Well the backside however is that there is no memory card gap in Motorola W181.

Motorola W181 is a packed together phone which houses an inbuilt incorporated stereo FM radio tuner with RDS prop up. This enables the user to view the FM station, artist's name and name of the song being aired on a particular FM scene. Motorola W181offers stereo phone and 9 preset station memory in toting up to the FM radio option.

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