Motorola has some extremely superb mobile phones release out recently. Between the motoPEBL and the motoSLVR and currently most recent edition of the RAZR, the Motorola RAZR V3x, Motorola is foremost the pack in mobile phone function and look.

The Motorola RAZR V3x selects right where previous editions of the RAZR left off. Its razor slim, hints the name and laden with functions. It has characteristics like 2 MP, 8x digital zoom camera able to capturing nice images with VGA quality video. 64 MB of in-built memory are about to be filled with all your favorite 3D Java games, ringtones, MP3s, MPEG4 videos, wallpapers screensavers and more. It stores names and phone numbers too! The RAZR V3x is Bluetooth allowed and simply connects to your PC to transfer information back and forth.

This builds it simple to backup everything on the phone too. There is an integral speakerphone so you can speak hands-free without having to purchase extra accessories. Also on the RAZR V3x is SCREEN3 which is original technology letting you to simply access news, sports, movies, stores and more directly from the phone? The Motorola RAZR V3x is also well-suited with MicroSD flash cards to store and transfer information. Equal to 512 MB of information! The external display characteristics 96 x 80 pixels with 4k CSN Color and 4 lines of text while interior display is a big 176 x 220 pixels with equal to 260K TFT Color with graphic accelerator and 9 lines of text.

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