The German audio specialist Beyerdynamic is known for very good but unspectacular headphones. One or the other would now probably scream boring but less is known to be more but with the Custom One Pro Beyerdynamic has now introduced a new headphone which brings many exciting new features with it. It can be adapted to visually and aurally the intrinsically border needs. But the announced features work in practice really as good as in theory?

The headphones will be shipped in a typical Beyerdynamic plain white box to the user. A look inside reveals the package a few manuals the headphone cable included 3.5 mm to 6.35 mm jack adapter two interchangeable covers that are used to change the visual appearance of the headphones but more on that later. The package is therefore expected to more than adequate.

Although the headset is quite heavy it sits very comfortably. The ear cups are very deep and even for extremely large sized ears more than adequate. Even the cozy headband ensures that the headphones even after several hours hardly feel if you like the closed system. Because typical of closed headphones can develop for some people a slight pressure on the ears these are also very hot and can quickly begin to sweat. But this is different from person to person and can not be assessed a flat rate. The shield outward works extremely well from the outside world you get with virtually nothing.

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If you take the headphones for the first time in the right hand you realize what Beyerdynamic is among other things excellent build quality. All edges are neatly finished and there are no gaps. The materials feel quality and very noble, even if the headphone which apart from the headband is made of metal almost completely made of plastic. The deep leather ear cups feel comfortable and also to guarantee a good fit.

At the bottom is located at each ear, a slider also called Custom Sound Slider, which alter the Bass amount. The further the slider is closed the stronger seals the headphones and thus enhances the low frequency range. The replaceable cable is plugged in and has to be connected to the PC via a 3.5 mm jack plugs r with the included adapter to 6.5 mm.

The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro is an outstandingly good headphones but once again. The Sounding is extremely uncharacteristic Beyer, so there is not the predominant especially among the DT models Speakerphone. On the contrary, the highs are even slightly unrolling. This has the advantage that the headphones will never annoying but also the disadvantage that it is not quite as airy sounds such as the DT-880 from the same home. The mid range there is nothing to complain about it all sounds very balanced. The instruments and the voices are not distorted and there is definitely enough space so that the voices can flourish. In the transition between the low and mid-range, there is a significant emphasis Beyer also atypical. This produces a rich and full sound, but also ensures that music especially in poor quality sometimes sounds a bit muffled.

Now to the bass which can be known to be adjusted in four steps. This works surprisingly well. All four stages are quite different. In the first stage of the bass is fairly neutral. Since when in the recording bass is also present it is reproduced however, will not add anything invented. He is crisp and precise for many users it can also be boring. In the second stage it is then a noticeable bass boost and the bass is clearly superficial. Here, too everything is reproduced quite accurately even if you have suffered a little loss of speed compared to the first stage. In the third stage it is then already a very clear emphasis on the bass it is of much lower quality bass.

Here is also the treble clearly stole the participation in the fidelity and precision drops significantly. In the fourth stage of the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro is a real bass monster but the quality drops significantly. The bass clearly dominated the action from the remaining frequencies you get with almost nothing. In terms of resolution ranges of Custom One Pro is not quite comparable to headphones from the same company as the DT-990 ran but still presents itself as a more orderly. The stage is for a closed headphone more than fine and is almost the same with the DT-770.

Games make the headphones very much. The large stage coupled with the good resolution of detail makes the locations of enemies down easily and this results in a decisive advantage. Furthermore all sounds very authentic and realistic.