Looking for a creative way to wind and manage your headphone cables? In a Tetran cable wrap for iPod players and other portable media players, which allows users to wind an earphone cable around Tetran body, and use their mouths as earbud holder. Spikes Tetran prevented from rolling away, and a removable ball-impact style chain is included for mounting the Tetran to belt loops, cell phone, harness or key ring.

According Tunewear, products manufacturer, Tetran in 23 rubber spikes can also massage the neck, arms and legs. Really? It sounds as interesting, but I think I could convey the idea. Call me crazy, but I do not want people to massage their feet that is used for my headphones.

In Tetran mic cable is the beauty of brass and colorful way to manage your earbud cables and the focus of your life. It is available for $ 9 from Amazon.com. If Tetran is a charm for you too, it is always cheaper and easier SmartWrap ($ 5). In SmartWrap works just as Tetran, just beauty without spines. Snap your earphone cord through the attachment of the upper brain size and wrap around the midsection, until you have the desired length.

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