It is HP has an ENVY 4 and ENVY 6 computer launch up their sleeve thanks to the persistent sleuthing of NBR message board participant justinkw1. There can be not a whole lot to go on other than the truth HP lately published assistance web pages for an ENVY 4-1000 and ENVY 6-1000 sequence.

Generally these assistance webpages appear and provides a sign at what some of the specifications are within, such as car owner sources for certain design cards, but there are no suggestions at this present time. What we can at least think at is that the ENVY 4 represents a 14-inch display computer and the ENVY 6 a 15.6 display. This would adhere to the variety meeting of the Pavilion dv4 and dv6. The beginning style statistics published for the new ENVYs are as follows:

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The assistance web pages for a item usually appear on several weeks before the real launch of a item, so it seems that these new ENVY designs would be launched around the September 2012 period. Apple lately said there would be 75 Ultrabooks arriving out through the relax of this season, with 50% of them being 14 and 15-inch scaled, so it could be that HP is forcing more complicated in that route. Right now HP has the ENVY 14 Spectre and Folio 13, however the Spectre is not promoting well due to its great cost tag and the Folio 13 style is a little too company like and was initially just focused at company customers anyway. HP really needs an attractive Ultrabook and it is possible which is where these ENVY designs will complete as bigger and somewhat less expensive Ultrabook attractions. The present ENVY 15 and ENVY 17 already offer as the highly effective multi-media / game playing stations on the prevent for the ENVY sequence so it would be difficult to see HP creating something to either substitute or be near in specifications to those designs as they just came out a few brief several weeks ago.

Either way, it is only a issue of your energy and energy and effort now before more leaking in the details circulation springtime and we know more about the ENVY 4 and ENVY 6 remain tuned!