Nokia has released its first dual SIM phone, and is launching it first into the Indian market. While Nokia introduced the Nokia C2-00 as well, the Nokia CI-00 will hit the streets first, and already has a price of n,999. While this is bit higher than we expected earlier (n,700), this low-priced dual SIM phone is definitely a milestone for the company. The Nokia CI-00 is a very basic Series 30 phone that offers only voice and SMS capaŽbilities, along with FM ra4io, and a flashlight. Some of the phone's unique features for its price include a speaking alarm clock in local Indian languages, call tracker, and multiple phone books (one per SIM).

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The Nokia C2-00 however, is a Series 40 dual SIM that attempts to cater to those who want a little more from their phone, offering GPRS facilities, MP3 player, microSD expandability up to 32GB, FM radio with recording, 3.5-mm audio jack, BlueŽtooth, MMS and a VGA camera. Most notably, the phone will also come with Nokia Ovi Life Tools. Present at the India-exclusive launch was Mary Lloyd, Executive Vice President of Nokia's mobile phone diviŽsion, who spoke at length of the importance of India and other emerging markets for Nokia and how they accounted for a significant percentage of the 360 million Nokia phones sold in 2009. In fact, according to Lloyd, these markets have become such major players in the global scene, that its hard to "ignore" them anymore, so much

so, that Nokia wishes to call these emerging markets "blossoming markets" instead.
Lloyd went on to speak about how Nokia has a place in every price segŽment in India, and its massive presŽence in the country is unique, especially with its "hyper-local" approach to sales and Nokia Care, as well as dedicated research and testing centres within the country. Her division concenŽtrates on sub-$125 phones and at that segment, what becomes more important than making the phone inexpensive is ensuring that it contains the "relevant innovation" or relevant features for its demographic. She believes that with the Nokia CI-00 and Nokia C2-00, they have once

again managed this juggling act. In related news, Nokia ha~ released the Nokia X2 officially in India, for ~5,999. Representing the low-end of the new Nokia X Series, the entertainment phone runs on the Nokia S40 operating system. While it does not offer 3G capabilities, the 2-2-inch screen device is still quite feature-rich, with dual speakers, stereo FM radio with RDS, Bluetooth 2.1 withA2DP, USB-on-the GosupŽport, Nokia Messaging, native Facebook app and expandable microSD memory up to 16GB.

The X2's 5MP camera is one of its strongest selling points and the phone's battery life is said to be very good as well, allowing for up to 27 hours of music playback and 13.5 hours of talk time. Though it is slightly more expensive than previously indicated and arrived later than expected, we feel Nokia may just have a strong contender on its hands, offering many features at a decent price point and a very trendy form factor. Whether or not the lack of 3G and Wi - Fi will seal its fate remains to be seen.