The alarm problem with iPhone 4.1 operating system iOS but appears to be larger than first thought. By the software error alarm settings are all automatic repetition concerned with. Some users also suggested deleting and re-set the alarm triggers of the problem. We tell you how your iPhone still time to get out of bed.

The first option is to be woken up every day of the week at the same time. In this setting, the software does not error. This solution is only for those in question, the get up every day at the same time. For people who like to sleep on the weekend is a bit longer this procedure does not optimal. So if the weekend does not want to be rung out of bed early, should disable the alarm on Friday evening - and forget on Sunday in any case, the activation!

Another way to circumvent the problem is the absence of alarm settings with automatic repetition. Those of the software error also not affected. The disadvantage of this solution, however, is that one must make his alarm clock every day. Who can not do without repeating alarms and weekends do not want to turn off his alarm clock extra, which currently is only a third workaround: Set your alarm an hour earlier than usual.