Cornices are world champions in the U.S. and the Philippines. The two nations together to send 35 percent of all text messages sent last year. Germany, however, is lagging far behind international standards: the trade association Bitkom announced in May that in this country every second just 1100 SMS sent to. According to the ITU, a specialized agency of the United Nations, similar to the global SMS revenues equivalent to about 10,000 per second and approximately 590,000 per minute for the telecom provider.

When writing SMS, it does not matter, meanwhile, if this man with a cheap phone or do the iPhone. But many "Sims" know only the basic features, many features remain unused. Thus, for text messages as e-mail or send fax and SMS inbox expand the? You can even check that your SMS to the recipient or a recipient list is actually arrived. That the Short Message Service (SMS) can do much more, we show in the click-show "11 SMS-tricks that you did not know. "We also provide you with commonly used abbreviations and the most beautiful "emoticons" in front, strings, with which you can express an emotion in SMS.