With its QWERTY keyboard in the open air, which opens to be positioned on the side of the screen, the Backflip has enough appeal to professionals. But this smartphone has some annoying flaws, such as the presence of an outdated version of Android and a sense of fragility.

The keyboard is Backflip great originality of the terminal. Indeed, when folded, the keys are visible on the back of the unit. Motorola ensures that there is no risk of damaging the keys, but we have some doubts, especially concerning the objective of the camera, also on this part of the phone.

The keyboard appears to be positioned on the side of the screen. This then switches automatically to landscape mode. Note that the back of the screen a touch pad to navigate through menus or confirm an action by pressure. A useful system, but rather difficult to grasp. The keys are very comfortable and sufficiently spaced to avoid input errors.

As usual we find most symbols, accents and punctuation. Dedicated keys provide direct access to the Internet browser, the search field and messaging. For more masochists, a virtual keyboard is available on the touchscreen.