Qualcomm, BlackBerry Partners Fund, US electronics retail chain Best Buy and Anthem Venture Pa:t;tners are putting roughly $10 million into Viewdle - a technology startup spe¬cialising in the field of augmented reality. View dIe is reportedly crafting
, ways to let smartphones see things the same way as people do and identify faces. It has already released a test version of the software which lets desktops recognise people in pictures while uploading on Facebook. View¬dIe's technology allows smartphones to recognise people as soon as cam¬eras take pictures or videos showing their faces.

"The first application is face rec¬ognition, but the real opportunity is the ability of the machine to take ac¬tion depending on what it sees in the environment around it. This is similar to how the human brain works," says Laurent Gil, co-founder and CEO, Viewdle.
Machine learning is the enabling technology, with users teaching com¬puters what their friends look like. That recogni¬tion is then shared be¬tween devices over the Internet. So if you have a picture of a friend on your desktop computer, it will tell your mobile phone. By the time you take a picture with the phone, it knows it is your friend when the image is captured.