Apple released the latest version of its mobile operating system. Version 4.3.3 fixes include the data-tracking error , the recent past, the huge waves struck in. Fortunately for the jailbreak community, Apple has been the third consecutive year that the hacker Stefan Esser, better known as i0n1c discovered, do not close the security hole.

One needs only a jailbreak, you use the updated version of redsn0w that unlocks the IOS device. Users who are dependent on an unlock need a special version of the firmware with the Mac PwnageTool software to create and install this then ultrasn0w. The tool sn0wbreeze that the same task as the PwnageTool in Windows takes over, is also an updated version available.

In addition, redsn0w another gimmick. Anyone who wants to can multi-touch gestures to all supported devices to activate. It makes sense but this is really only the iPad, means that in the blog of the iPhone Dev Team. One can also find an update on the development of iPad2-jailbreak. The release is still in development, the vulnerability was originally found, strangely enough, very quickly closed by Apple has been, why delay the jailbreak of the new Apple tablet.