The first official update for the new LG P990 Optimus speed can now be downloaded.According to manufacturer LG fixed by the update language errors and the recharge of the battery are improved.

This can help the user through this new LG's Optimus Speed ​​P990 more attractive, he must first install the LG Mobile Updater. Clubs then Android smartphone and PC displays, the tool automatically download the appropriate update to the.

Through the subsequent installation is possible in addition to improving voice quality and the battery charge function that opens, future updates via Wi-Fi networks directly to theLG P990 Optimus Speed ​​Download. However, these so-called FOTA updates (FIRMWARE O-VER-T he A ir) only for devices with Vodafone branding applicable unfortunately. All others come as before with a PC with Internet access to its update.

With or without the branding is for the current, first update is not relevant because it is available for all LG P990 Optimus speed. Only the firmware versions are different, so is v10d for units with branding the version and the version without branding v10c.

Although this fix some minor improvements for the LG P990 Optimus Speed ​​promises though most users probably that soon update on Google Android 2.3 will appear. According to LG, this is expected to be the case this summer.