The elder statesman of our test, having been released way back in June 2010, the iPhonq's design remains unsurpassed, with its engineered glass front, metal edges and almost excessively high*res screen still class-leading. Expect it to be out in India very soon. Very effective multi-touch and Apple's user-friendly iOS interface make it a breeze to navigate, with customisable home screens and folders for filing away all the games and apps downloaded from the App Store - still the finest and mos' well-stocked software source.

At 3-7 inches the 960x640 screen is still the perfect size, in OUI judgement. Text is pin-sharp and colours bold, with the brightest whites and inkiest blacks on test. The iPhone 4 is being overtaken in spec terms by new dualcore Android phones but the 1GHz Apple A4 processor remains plentJ quick. Web pages load at speed and there's seldom any appreciable lag.
The upgrade to iOS 4.3 has added Personal Hotspot capability for tethering up to five devices over Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth. It connects smoothly but currently it is unclear whether local operators will charge for tethered accounts.

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Also included is AirPlay, allowing you to stream video, musi, and pictures to compatible docks 0 Apple TV. It's a breeze to set up anc works very well, though the list of compatible devices is considerably shorter than your arm. Show a little restraint and you'll eke well over a day's battery life. Wit 16GB and 32GB storage options, excellent sound and video quality and a camera that's still as good as any you'll find on a smartphone the Nokia's is just a smidgeon better, but no more - the iPhone 4 remains the best smartphone you can get. Some will resent the way it ties you to iTunes but to be honest, we can live with that.