In a bid to streamline traffic conditions in NCR region, Nokia joined hands with Gurgaon Traffic Police & Millenium City Welfare Society to launch a traffic management project called '3rd Eye'. The aim behind the program is to equip traffic cops tech nologically to curb traffic disruption in the satellite town. in this programme, over 300 traffic police personnel will be provided with Nokia E5 hand*sets to capture traffic violations in the city.So far 50 traffic marshals have already been given Nokia E5 with installed special software 'Tselina'. this app has been created by Denave, atechnology powered sales enabling services provider, to capture and report traffic rule violators in the city.

The installed software will enable traffic personnel to capture photo evidence of the traffic violation including vehi cle, license plate and even the driver's face if possible. The photograph will be tagged with a time stamp and geo-coordinates, and uploaded on the server to produce a permanent record of the violation. The authorities can retrieve the photographs at a later stage and use them as evidence to penalise offenders.