It is raining tablets in the market. Everywhere you look there is an Android tab trying 0 fight its emerge as a worthy challenger to the iPad, which remains the numero uno in tablets. These smart devices are tryi to tind their place somewhere between a smartphone and a netbook or notebook. But imagine a tablet that works just like your note*book, while providing all the benefits of a tablet. This is what the Acer leonia W500 offers to some*one who wants to get introduced to the tablet world, without leaving that of the conventional computer. It is a 10.1 inch tablet that comes with a full keyboard that can be attached to it in the sales back. When compared to others in this segment, this one is pretty porky. There is a Windows button at the bot*tom and a secondary camera at the top. As far as the looks go, the dull gray colour and laptop like thick*ness might not have many takers, but it still is pretty compact and versatile to use.

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Unlike the other tablets in the market, the W500 runs on Windows 7 OS. And this has its own pros and cons. Since it's a Windows tablet, you don't have to go through a learning curve to use it if you have been using a Windows PC or a notebook (and most of us have). Secondly, the operating system is completely evolved. It might not have been designed specifically for tablets like its rivals but it has a great ecosystem around it. You do not have to worry about compatibility or support for peripherals or content and if you are an enterprise user, the IT guys will be happy to configure this tablet as per your enterprise network. On the other hand, if you compare it to the experience on the tablets of other operating system, the touch experience is just not there yet. You still have the single click, double click Windows funda.