The easiest way for manufacturers to make the format popular was to include a Blu-ray player in a HTiB (Home Theater I n A Box), wh ich gives consumers no choice but to get used to it. Soon, we saw the ball rolling and found all major manufacturers releasing a range of Blu-ray HTiBs. However, we didn't expect the 3D bug to get along so early in the race.

In an attempt to make the maximum out of this technology, renaissance manufacturers have now started to bundle their 3D products in attractive packages, and as a result we now have 3D Blu-ray HTiBs. fn order to keep pace with this fast-moving trend, Sony launched their lineup of 3D Blu*ray HTiBs with the BDV-E980 model sitti ng on top of the entire range.

speaker system (including four tower speakers) along with a 3D Blu-ray player and amplifier in the same box. The Blu-ray player has a striking resemblance to the PS3. lt is 3D compatible and requires a 3D compatible television as well as 3D glasses. An audio calibration mic is bundled along with the system that makes the speaker set-up process really simple. This set up can be done through the settings menu and will take only a matter of minutes to complete.