Externally, the Xperia arc S can notdistinguish from his relatives Xperia Arc. This applies to both theappearance as well as for processing. When the display and delivery,we could also find no differences.

Sony Ericsson Xperia has the Arc SMSM8255T the new chipset used by Qualcomm, which allows a processorspeed up to 1.5 gigahertz. In contrast, Arc lies the MSM8255, whichis also produced by Qualcomm. A processor is specified only up to 1gigahertz. Except for the more powerful processor, which is in the1.4 gigahertz S Xperia Arc quickly, but there should be no moredifferences between the platforms. Qualcomm MSM8255T the other hand,is not found. Memory is also the same with 512 megabytes in size.

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The company promises alone with thehigher processor performance acceleration of the entire system byabout 25 percent compared to the Xperia Arc. The speed boost isconfirmed by our benchmarks, even after the update of the Arc to thelatest firmware 2.3.4 Android scored the Arc S scores, which areabout a quarter higher. However, the increase in performance ineveryday life is hardly recognizable. Even the Xperia Arc reacts verysmoothly on all inputs by the user. Only when starting programs orwhen displaying 3D games, the more powerful CPU of Arc S noticeable -at least in a direct comparison.

The Xperia Arc S 2.3.4 is alreadyrunning Android on the market, the latest version of the Googleoperating system for smartphones. Sony Ericsson has enhanced it withcustom features such as Cape Times, Wisepilot or an office suite.More about this in the review of the Xperia Arc . A new addition is a3D option for the camera. You erreichnet 3D images of panning shots,which can be viewed on suitably equipped TVs.