Samsung will launch its Galaxy November2 rating, a 5.3-inch mobile device Android to classify between thesmartphone and the tablet.

Note The output of the Galaxy isdone in partnership with Wacom, maker of graphics tablets. The timeof this hybrid design, he has shared his expertise in electroniccapture with Samsung. Galaxy comes out a note which will be suppliedwith a stylus, the S-Pen. The latter will be used to write memos,edit photos, or personalize your emails. "Our partnership withSamsung is an important step for us. This new way to interact willallow users to enjoy their own creativity, "said MasahikoYamada, CEO of Wacom.

Note the Galaxy will be sold without asubscription to 679 euros. It will be found first at SFR and ThePhone House. Other operators should receive it later. It will beavailable in two finishes: lacquered white or midnight blue.