Two soft phones in 2012? That's what wecould to make available on the market if one believes Nokia andSamsung. After the presentation of Kinetic Nokia last week, theKorean has indeed promised marketing for next year's first phone withflexible screen technology already demonstrated several times since2008. This AMOLED prototype presented at the time was just fivehundredths of a millimeter thick. A mobile version of this fantasycalled Galaxy Skin was even the subject of a fictitious advertisingfrom Samsung.

On the side of Nokia, the Kinetic has caused asensation at the Nokia World last week. This mobile is in turn fullyflexible, even the chassis. The result for a particular purpose: bytwisting a corner, for example, be done through the images.

Remainsto demonstrate the ergonomic advantage to use this type of screen,for the moment rather confined to fantasy films of science fiction.Manufacturers will have to find a real use for this technology toavoid falling into effect gadget.