Samsung has not learned from pastmistakes: Even the jump from the Samsung I9000 Samsung Galaxy GalaxyS2 i9100 is a success. Here the back is much more grip and has not sofragile. Unfortunately, sees the Samsung Galaxy touchagain more likethe former smartphone and it does not have the excellent tactilegrooved surface of the Samsung S2 Galaxy, shame!

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The design looksmore like a mixture of Samsung I9000 Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy TabThe Samsung Galaxy note with dimensions as crispbread (146.85 x 82.95x 9.65 mm) a further increase compared to the already quite largesmartphone predecessors. Even when weight is showing the size of thephone: 178g with the Samsung Galaxy note certainly no lightweight,and probably not quite as comfortably in your pocket - in relation tothe size but it is certainly not overly difficult.

The Samsung Galaxy note has a displaythat combines the strengths of all current displays: It has a largesize (5.3 "), a high pixel density and resolution (1280 800pixels, 285 dpi) and relies on the super-AMOLED technology . Ie onehas a display built in, which is extremely energy efficient, lowprofile and allows for presentation of luminosity and contrast(especially good: "real" blacks) is certainly outstanding.Also, the readability in direct is the Super AMOLED very well and canalso contact the retina display of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4Smeasure. Personally I find somewhat disturbing the unnatural, easiersaid than color representation of this display type, but this is amatter of taste (here is the IPS display on the iPhone much morediscreet).