Last week, the entire Web, including us , panicked at the mention ofHTC Edge, a smartphone that was supposed to be the first to shipTegra 3, the platform quad-core (a core partner) from Nvidia .However, Bloomberg reports that the supplier of chipsets just held aconference at which he announced financial results for the thirdquarter.

They are also on an upward curve rather exceptionalsince Nvidia announced 178.3 million dollars in net profits for thequarter, against $ 84.9 million for last year at this time. But it'snot really the purpose of this paper. No, what interests us here isthat the CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, has released a veritablelittle bomb in the conference.

Indeed, he asserted that thesmartphone shipping the latest chipset from the company, Tegra 3,therefore, would be available during the last quarter of 2011. Healso revealed that smartphones will come from LG and Motorola!

Andnot a word about HTC. What this means is that the HTC Edge willarrive later. Is that HTC has no plans to integrate a Tegra chipset 3in one of its smartphones. This would hardly be surprising given theexcellent trade relations, and almost exclusively defined, among HTCand Qualcomm, the leading manufacturer of mobile chipset for now.