Bethesda is working on The ElderScrolls 5:. Skyrim bug free will not be long until the next patch forthe RPG The Elder Scrolls 5: Cataclysm . How Bethesda marketing bossPeter Hines on short message service Twitter was announced, to thenext update for the week Skyrim appear after Thanksgiving. Thiscorresponds to the week of 28 November to 4 December, with a weekendrelease is unlikely. For the Xbox 360 - and PlayStation versions ofthe patch is already at the respective companies were submitted forquality testing.

Sony and Microsoft have strict rulesfor publication on their platform, and each update must be tested forcompliance with these rules. This process delayed the release of thepatch is, of course, but necessary. The PC version will get the patchsimultaneously with the console version. console gamers have to dealwith other problems than PC gamers. While the latter is complainingabout technical problems such as crashes, for example it on the Xbox360 to extremely blurry textures. It is still unclear what problemsthe new patch fix for Skyrim in more detail. There are now alreadyiconic game error as the extremely powerful blows of the giant orstealing from an NPC, whose field of view than has previously beenrestricted by an inverted pot.