Created 10 years ago equally by Sonyand Ericsson, the joint venture Sony Ericsson will cease on 1 January2012 with the acquisition by Sony, Ericsson's share.

The renaming will take effect later this year. Sony Ericsson (re)will become Sony. Great news as this will allow the Sony Group toaccelerate its development and strategy of the four screens, and itwill also allow the future "ex" Sony Ericsson to displayeven greater ambitions in this market of smartphones.

InFrance, Sony Ericsson is number four of the smartphone market witharound 10% market share. By 2012 the goal is to reach 15% due to avariety of Xperia smartphones to 100% Android. David Mignot, CEO ofSony Ericsson, a new cycle begins on the smartphone market in 2012:the "real" convergence. Sony Ericsson and Sony rely on thestrength of their four screens and their content offering to positionitself as a key player in this new ecosystem.

For theJapanese manufacturer, the smartphone will go from being a mobilemultifunction display connected to that of the consumer always has onhim. Like the tablets, TV and PC, Sony Ericsson smartphones will fitinto the strategy of the four screens implemented by Sony. All ofthese screens will be connected to a network (3G, WiFi etc.), Whichwill enable consumers to not worry about where its contents. Bydefinition they will always be available on 4 screens.