According to the latest figures from GfK study, iPhone users are themost faithful to their smartphone. Competition in the segment ofhigh-end smartphones is fierce at the end of the year.

Betweena Samsung Galaxy Nexus, always a valiant Galaxy S2, a Motorola Razrthin, the Nokia 800 Lumia attractive, a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Salways up to date and a whole slew of HTC performance, competitorsare not lacking for iPhone 4S.

Yet, according to latestfigures from GfK conducted a study in five major European countries(including France), Brazil, United States, China and Japan, itappears that the vast majority iPhone users are not ready to let goof their favorite smartphone to go to competition.

Thus, 84%of owners of smartphones Apple planning to stay with the manufacturerto Apple for their next mobile. This figure drops to 60% for thoseunder Android. Worse, RIM has only 48% for loyalty to his BlackBerry.

Figures of the study show that most of those who recentlyswitched to Android from other platforms as the iPhone.