Independent developers enslave the Ports of amazing Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich. This time they managed to run it on the first Androidsmartphone, the HTC Dream (G1). Since its announcement back nearlyfive years, Android is the preferred operating system developers andtinkerers of all kinds. The opening of Google's operating system isindeed a dream come true for those who like hands in the code.

Overtime, he created a very active developer community, and trulyexperienced. They prove particularly these days by linking the Portsof amazing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), while Google hasrevealed the source code a few days.

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We thought we had seenit all with porting ICS on a HTC HD 2, but the geniuses of the forumXDA-developpers still manage to surprise us.

They have indeedmanaged to inject the last update of the Google OS in the old HTC G1,known as the HTC Dream in our latitudes. For those unaware, this isthe first Android smartphone. As for other ports, it is an alphaversion. this implies that some features are not already runningcorrectly as connectivity or rotation of the screen.

Inaddition, unlike the videos that we could bring you back to the NexusS or HD 2, the interface is still quite slow here. But it is notsurprising because the hardware of the G1 is really starting to datewith 256 MB of RAM, a processor running at 528 MHz and 192 MB ROM.