Checking out the NVIDIA booth at CES,we handled to spot the ZTE T98 sitting every by itself awaiting to bechecked out. For those who aren’t familiar with this one, it’sreally ZTE’s 7- inch Ice Cream Sandwich flavored tablet powered bythat every also enjoyable NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-coreprocessor.

Viewing that this is ZTE we’re talking abouthere, we’re not taken by surprise detecting a extremely modestlooking 7-inch tablet that attempts to come off as being premium –while, later a quick feel, it’s obvious that it’s however grazingthe cheap slope. Yes, we do enjoy how it’s accented by a chromebezel, but its plastic exterior and relatively thick body doesn’trather embody a device that’s perceived to be premium. Still, it’showever compact plenty to hold simply with one hand, and its decentconstruct standard is satisfactory as well.

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While we’re not that convinced by itsplan, the 7” 1280 x 800 display it’s packing for the rideimpresses us with its sharpness, enough considering angles, andneutral color reproduction. Above everything, it’s very detailed tolet also fine text to be distinguishable from a nice distance away.Initially, the ZTE T98 seems to be like any other Honeycomb tablet,but soon after clicking the icon to get to its home screen, weimmediately experience that we’re demonstrated on an Ice CreamSandwich experience.

Above all, the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-coreprocessor contributes itself to be prized highly with the totem polebecause seriously, this is one wickedly fast tablet – and weexperience it’s shaping to be a powerhouse by the fluidity it’scapable to demonstrate right off the bat.

Unluckily, we weren’t given a perfect time frame on its release, nor were we afforded a price point.Experiencing that this is ZTE we’re talking about, we’re certainthey’re going to grace this baby with a superb affordable pricepoint that should no doubt catch our attention. Let’s cross ourfingers!