Though LTE 4G is stimulating andeverything, I was more interested in the Titan 2’s 16-megapixelcamera. I acquired to spend few time on the Titan 2 and talked toHTC’s communication team about its development.

In the previous year, HTC has moved upits game in the camera department. First, there was the T-Mobilemy-Touch 4G slip, which impressed us with its great image standard,visceral camera interface and broad variety of several shootingcharacteristics. HTC followed up with another camera-centric phonefor T-Mobile, the HTC Amaze, which lent the Burst-Shot and a someextra shooting ways. HTC extended this to its Windows Phones,beginning with the HTC Titan and following up with the HTC Titan 2.

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The company required to detect a modeto distinguish itself in the Windows Phone world. Microsoft does notlet covers and needs sure hardware specifications andcharacteristics. The one area where there is few flexibility, still,is the camera and camera user interface.

The 16-megapixel camera has a F2.6aperture, which is ideal for shooting in low light environments. Iteven has a rear lit illuminated sensor. The camcorder can shoot up to720p result video. As the Titan 2 has a single core processor, it cannot back up 1080p HD video capture.

Plan-wise, the Titan 2 looks a muchmore as the original Titan but it somewhat thicker (0.01 inches to beexact) because of the LTE chip. It has the similar 4.7-inch screen.It does not look aslo awkward in hand, still, because the phone is soslim.

Battery life is always a pertain for meon LTE phones (and specifically camera-centric phones) thus I waslived over to hear that HTC advanced size of the battery from theoriginals 1600 mAh to 1730 mAH. This has been an exciting display forMicrosoft’s mobile operating system with the proclamations of boththe Titan 2 as well ad the Nokia Lumia 900 with AT&T’s LTE 4Gnetwork. Eventually, Windows Phone is acquiring enticinghardware--and its around darn time.