Nokia has today announced plannedchanges at its factories in Komarom, Hungary, Reynosa, Mexico andSalo, Finland. The measures follow a review of smartphonemanufacturing operations that Nokia announced last September and aimto increase the company's competitiveness in the diverse globalmobile device market.

These three factories are planned tofocus on smartphone product customization, serving customers mainlyin Europe and the Americas. Device assembly is expected to betransferred to Nokia factories in Asia, where the majority ofcomponent suppliers are based.

"With the planned changes, ourfactories at Komarom, Reynosa and Salo will continue to play animportant role serving our smartphone customers. They give us aunique ability to both provide customization and be more responsiveto customer needs," said Niklas Savander, Nokia executive vicepresident, Markets.

"Shifting device assembly to Asiais targeted at improving our time to market. By working more closelywith our suppliers, we believe that we will be able to introduceinnovations into the market more quickly and ultimately be morecompetitive," said Savander. "We recognize the plannedchanges are difficult for our employees and we are committed tosupporting our personnel and their local communities during thetransition."

As a consequence of the plans, thenumber of steps in manufacturing and the amount of work carried outat the sites in Komarom, Reynosa and Salo are expected to decreasesubstantially. The changes are anticipated to impact approximately4,000 employees in total.

Personnel reductions are planned to bephased through the end of 2012. Nokia will offer a comprehensivelocally-tailored support program, including financial support andassistance with local re-employment.