Polish developer Techland's most recentgame, Dead Island, was launched at retail and had players resistingoff a zombie outbreak with a tropical island resort. The studio'snext game, still, would not characteristic undead or come with storeshelves.

Now, Ubisoft declared downloadableoff-road racing game Mad Riders, telling it will come with Xbox Live,the PlayStation Network, and the PC during spring 2012. Mad Ridershas players zipping around 45 courses spread during the globe,completing tricks, and competing versus AI or human opponents.Extra, the game backup 12-player onlineraces across three game modes and affiliated players a "largeselection" of ATVs and buggies, which can be customized.

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Mad Riders is not the first off-roadracing game Techland has evolved. The studio was even behind 2010'sNail'd, which received a middling critical reception. Extra, thedeveloper made racing titles GTI Racing, Pet Racer, and Xpand Rally.