The tough Kyocera DuraPlus mobile phonewith Sprint's network can live in a meter of water and boasts DirectConnect push-to-talk connectivity. Sprint and Kyocera Communicationshave brought out the tough Kyocera DuraPlus mobile phone to withstandthe utmost conditions of military, public safety, construction andutility work.

The DuraPlus is one of the first phonesto work on Sprint's novel Direct Connect push-to-talk service. Sprintreleases Direct Connect in the fourth quarter of 2011 to work ontough devices from Motorola and Kyocera. Introduced on Jan. 31, theDuraPlus adjusts to military standard 810G, which means the unit canwithstand dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes and blowingrain. It can even survive immersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30minutes. In extra, the phone integrates an embedded LED flashlight ona separate power button to assist workers navigate power outages andother emergencies in the dark.

The unit, which is candy-bar-shaped ona flat bottom for vehicle mounts, chracteristics a 1,650-mAh batteryon up to 9.5 hours of battery life. "Kyocera DuraPlus is theparagon device for apply in the construction, public safety andutility industries that demand devices that stand up to the toughestwork conditions though delivering industry-leading push-to-talkcapabilities," told by David Owens, vice president of productdevelopment for Sprint, in a statement.

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"Kyocera planned DuraPlus from theground up with demanding industrial and enterprise customers inmind," told by Eric Anderson, senior vice president and generalmanager of sales and marketing at Kyocera, in a statement. "Simplethings like an LED flashlight, multibay charging, freestandingoperation and the ability to employ application-paticular accessoriesgo a long way toward better productivity with the job site and out inthe field."

Sprint released the Motorola Admiralmodel on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread mobile operating system. TheAdmiral as well characteristics Direct Connect along withscratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass.Direct Connect's push-to-talk boastlets field personnel such as first responders and constructionworkers to communicate easily. Push to talk works across Sprint andNextel networks. A push-to-talk "chirp" allows workersexperience that their call passed successfully. Sprint first declaredDirect Connect with March 16, 2011.

On a boast called Guaranteed TalkPermit, Direct Connect lets users to push to talk on 20 subscribersat the same time, Sprint reports. In extra, Availability Notificationlets users to be advised when their party is usable. Various othervendors such as Casio and Sonim create tough phones for utmost workenvironments. As the Kyocera DuraPlus, Sonim's XP3300 Force Phone isa candy-bar-shaped unit on rubberized edges. The Sonim unitcharacteristics near-field communications capabilities to let workersin health care to place patients and workers in shipping and securityto track items.

Many tough models are flip phones, asthe Samsung Convoy 2, which Verizon Wireless proffers. The Convoy 2features dual microphones on noise cancellation, a convenientcharacteristic for construction workers in the field or firstresponders.

Kyocera's DuraPlus unit has a sturdyfront-ported speakerphone for noisy environments. This characteristicshould as well arrive in handy for construction workers. Sprint willstart proffering the DuraPlus phone in the first half of 2012. TheKyocera Dura series of tough phones for harsh working environments aswell contains DuraMax, which was the first model to work with DirectConnect,Engadget reports.