Fujitsu teased its Tegra 3 smartphoneat CES in January and promised to tell us more about it at the MWC atthe end of this month. Like it turns out, the wait has beenconsiderable deserving it, like the prototype about to be showcasedhas more as a compared to a powerful chipset to display.

The company afforded us few detailsaround the smartphone in advance and we acquired to experience thatit will pack an impressive 13 megapixel camera and NFC connectivity.There is as well going to be a fingerprint scanner with board, thusyou can prevent unauthorized access to your smartphone.

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One of the coolest bits about theupcoming Fujitsu smartphone is that it will be both water and dustresistant. We presume it is employing few kind of nano - coating likemost of the phones from Japanese manufacturers demonstrated at CES.

Arriving on a 4.6 inch display, thisFujistu smartphone is shaping up to be one of the hottest smartphonesof the season. We will make certain to stop by the company's booth atthe MWC and watch if the actual product matches the high expectationscreated by those specifications. Here is wishing.