Contempt its oddball proportions theSamsung Galaxy Note phonemic has manged to be rather famous amongthose with big hands (and pockets). The first million mark was passedin only two months later the release of the device and now two monthsafter as that event, the Galaxy Note has crossed the 2 million mark.

Of course,these are not the real sales but just the number of devices that havebeen shipped until date but however it is rather an achievement for adevice in a pretty novel category that a much more of people believeshould not exist in the first place.

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In comparison, still, Samsung handledto ship above 10 million Galaxy S II in the first five months. Andlet us not also acquire into comparison on the iPhone 4S, whichSamsung frequent selects to mock in its ads, that sold 4 millionunits in only above the weekend later its release.

Still, Samsung has much higherexpectations from the Galaxy Note. Talking to Forbes, it has broughtout that it means to ship another 10 million units earlier the end2012.