Marvel Entertainment is now offering acollection of its graphic novels in Apple’s iBookstore for thefirst time, the company declared yesterday. Lastly, the choice ofgraphic fiction on iBooks was restricted to a handful of titles thatyou could not simply detect because of the lack of a proper category.Still, with Marvel’s introduction that appears to have altered.

The novel category boasts above 1,500graphic novels that you can sort via a characterized home screen orlaunch date. Pricing is lower as compare to traditional retail storesand comparable to dismissed physical graphic novels with Amazon. Toconsider the graphic novels you will require to have upgraded to atleast iBooks 1.2 and running iOS 4.2 with your mobile device.

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Initially, Marvel is just launching 80graphic novels that have stories about Spider-Man, X-Men, CaptainAmerica, Iron Man, and others. Still, the company did say it isplanning to launch more in the future. The iBookstore is not themerely place Marvel is selling digital comics. The company createsits single issue comics available with other platforms as iVerse,Graphically, and Comicality as well as via its own iOS application..

In addition to the Marvel stuff, Applehas as well characterized other graphic novels as The Walking Dead, AGame of Thrones, Dilbert, and children-friendly titles from Disney.Noticeably absent are familiar titles from DC Comics as Superman,Batman, Wonder Woman and Dark Horse as Star Wars, Buffy the VampireSlayer.