Even spies require smartphones, and not only to play Angry Birds withalthough they are saving the country from harm. Obviously while, aspy can not only walk into a store and order a box full of handsets.Rather, the NSA has brought the Android OSand has created it thecenter of its own model which is constructed to make certain that itsagents have a secure line to communicate above. The openness of thesystem lets NSA technicians to create the necessary modifications tothe OS and to remove parts that could be a security threat.

TheFishbowl project is the name afforded to the NSA's plan to bring acommercially available communication system and alter it to meet therequirements of the agency. Two layers of encryption are applied witheach call which is even routed via the NSA's secure server. Andcontempt these layers of encryption, the call quality is notimpacted, except for a small delay.

When you view the secure nature of theline, the detain is a small price to pay for the comfort ofexperiencing that no one can spy with your call. NSA is now thinkingabout offering a special app market that will allow its agents todownload applications with their phones without compromising safety.