This story probably should not be anysurprise, but we acquire the feeling few out there may attempt toblow it up into something that it is not. In our estimation, Asuscreated a comment that was completely accurate, and based on reality,but even the original source for the comment has made too much of it.

Here is what Asus Corporate VPBenson Lin told TechRadar: "Asus is extreme close to Google, soonce they have Android 5.0 I think there will be a high possibilitythat we will be the first wave to offer the Jelly Bean update."And, here is the headline that TechRadar put on the article: "AndroidJelly Bean could come first from Asus."

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Lin said the truth: Asus is near toGoogle, and it will probably be in the first wave to offer the JellyBean update. You know, just like Asus was the first to offer the IceCream Sandwich update after that was released. Because, Asus does twoimportant things: 1) Asus does not put a heavy skin on Android, and2) Asus does not lock its tablets to a carrier. This means that thereis little work to be done to get Android working on Asus devices, andno carrier approval to wait with, which are the two biggestroadblocks to Android updates.

Thus, yes, Asus will probably be in thefirst wave to offer the Jelly Bean update, and could also be thefirst 3rd party manufacturer to offer the update later whatever Nexusdevice launches Android 5.0. But, that is perfectly what we shouldwant from a company that experiences the fastest route to Androidupdates.