Now, here's a tablet that can literally give you some food for thought! The Qooq tablet is specifically designed for the kitchen. The new Linux-based tablet device that is meant to help you in the kitchen comes with heat- and water-resistant protection, along with a kickstand on the back.

Powered by a Cortex A9 processor running at I GHz, the Qooq tablet sports a 25.6-cm (IO.I-inch) display with a resolution of 1024x600. The device comes equipped with an SD card slot, Ethernet port, USB port and a headphone jack under a protective cover.

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Qooq runs Linux, a version customised by Qooq for easy set-up and intuitive operation. The tablet offers digital cookbooks, and many more recipe and cooking-related apps and tools. It also introduces preparation steps, ingredient lists, and videos of the items being prepared by Qooq's commissioned chefs.

Users have the option to plan meals for an entire week and generate a shopping list on this device. Moreover, the culinary slate offers basic tablet functionality, such as a Flash-ready browser, MP3 player, built-in apps, music and video player, radio stations, Facebook, Twitter, a weather app and Web short-cuts.
Reportedly selling well in France, the Qooq tablet will be available in the United States soon, at a cost of around $400.