Like the Galaxy S II is one of thebest-selling Android devices to date, it is no surprise that manyusers are keen awaiting an update to Android 4.0. Samsung has alreadyconfirmed that it is in the works, and we have as well watched aleaked build of what it could feel as, but we have till to hear anexact date that users can really require the update to roll out on.

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Luckily, Samsung Israel has brought toFacebook to declare that versions of the device in Israel - bothunlocked and carrier-branded - will receive the update on March 15.Although this is undoubtedly great news, the majority of Galaxy S IIusers will have to hold waiting, at least till yet Samsung declares aroll out for other areas of the world.

In specific, U.S. GSII owners willprobably have the longest wait, like there are various hardwarevariances amongst the carriers. However, it is good to watch Samsungmanufacturing timely process on going the modify ready to roll.