Whenever you arrive across a game thatfeatures futuristic racing, it appears to create the assumption thatdrivers a hundred years from now will be bloodthirsty speed demonsmore concerned with covering the tarmac on their opponent’s brainsas compare to crossing the ending line in first place. As you mightcollect from the instead jolly title, Protoxide: Death Race mostdefinitely conforms to this viewpoint.

Characterizing animpressive line-up of anti-gravity racing ships, it watches youdashing about a series of grim industrial tracks whilst hurlingrockets, mortars, and bombs at your fellow competitors. Needless tosay, such unsporting behavior would be frowned upon in Formula One,but it does at least lead to slightly more exciting contests thanwe’re accustomed to witnessing these days.

Steering your ship is a matter oftilting your iPhone left and right. Acceleration is automatic, whilebraking is managed by an on-screen button. Nitro boosts are evenengaged via a touchscreen command, which can then be replenished bypicking up the canisters that are scattered around thecircuit.

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Every weapon has its own characteristics: few arepowerful and will strike hard a rival out with one strike, whilethese are commonly slower and more tough to land successfully. Otherrockets are deployed in batches and have a less dramatic effect, butthey are swifter and commonly simpler to manage.

You have no control above when yourweapons fire. Rather, you must expect for a lock-with target to look.Later a few seconds of solid lock, your ship will free its mortalpayload, but you must certain that your foe's ship stays in yoursights or the lock will fail, and you have to begin all over again.Of course, your foes are not sitting ducks, they will avenge wheneverpotential. A warning sign seems when missiles are incoming, affordingyou plenteous time to activate your defensive shield.

While it just lasts for a shortalthough, it is strong enough to repel the unwanted care of yourfoes. Once applied, it brings a short time to renew, leaving youexposed. Protoxide: Death Race boasts a career mode that offers upobjective-based races on a very loose plot underpinning the action.These events are really rather demanding, forcing the player todestroy a sure number of rival racers and end over a specifiedposition.

While HeroCraft's racer characteristicsabove-average visuals and commonly engaging action, it is peculiarlydevoid of excitement. When playing against the computer, thelimitations of the Artifical intelligence are glaring. Should you lieat the rear of the grid, it is insultingly simple to acquire intofirst place, till when you are sat at the front of the pack, youalways have a rival right with your heels no matter how many introboosts you deploy.

This form of ‘rubber band’ AI is notnovel to racing titles, but it looks cheap and leads to frustratingraces. Playing against human opponents above a local wi-fi connectiondeletes this specific trouble to a degree, but it does not createProtoxide: Death Race’s combat-heavy driving any more enthralling.There are better examples of the genre on the App Store, thus unlessyou are a die-hard fan, we would recommend you save your fuel formore worthy candidates.