HTC has made up a particular offer fortheir domestic market in Taiwan rolling up their newest quad-core OneX smartphone on Beats Solo headphones. What creates a quad-coreflagship phone from one of the biggest Android manufacturers in theworld even more special? A pair of Beats headphones, of course. HTChas declared a novel Deluxe Limited Edition of the upcoming HTC One Xsmartphone for the Taiwanese market, with exclusive retail packagingand an admitted set of Beats Solo headphones. For comparison, theHTC One X itself including taxes when it releases in the UK, and theBeats Solo headphones currently retail.

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Pre-orders for the Deluxe LimitedEdition will begin on March 20th in HTC’s home territory of Taiwan.At the moment there’s no indication of a bundle elsewhere, thoughHTC has not been shy about incorporating the Beats brand with its ownproducts. All three members of the One family (X, S and V) featureBeats technology, though the Deluxe Limited Edition of the One X isthe first we’ve seen of an actual pack-in set of headphones. Whileit’s possible that the is set or something like it might make it tothe US, the current subsidy model would make it complicated.

The HTC One X is currently set for aworldwide release in April, though only a few markets have retailersor carriers that hve actually confirmed this. In the United StatesAT&T will have an LTE version, which unfortunately necessitatesswitching form Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor to a Qualcomm SnapdragonS4 dual-core design. For a close-up look at the One X and its IceCream Sandwich/Sense 4.0 operating system, check out our hands-onpost from Mobile World Congress.