Micromax, different many other mobilephone and smartphone manufacturers, is extreme concerned about theirfemale users. It arrived out on the Bling series particularly for thefemales and till date two mobile phones have been released in thisseries.

The first Bling handset, as well knownas Micromax Q55, was a Qwerty keypad dependent dual SIM phone on awhite and pink color tone and to a large extent was liked by manyacross the country.
The company has recently come out withthe Bilng 2 A55 which is, unlike its predecessor, an Android basedsmartphone and not merely a feature phone. Micromax has beautifiedthe Bling 2 on the same swart crystals, applied in the first Bling,both in the front and the rear.

We experience that being males we wouldnot be able to justify the appeal of this phone, thus we affordedthis phone to a female colleague of ours and the inputs have beentranslated here.
The Bling 2 A55 has the similar glossywhite finish as its previous avatar but Micromax has decided to shedthe pink highlights which is a actually good decision. The phonefeels classy and surely is an object of attention. The Q55 did notface any color fading matter and we dearly wish that it proceeds onthe Bling 2 as well.

The manufacture quality of the Blind 2is rather a remarkable thing. We drop-tested, really accidentallydropped it, from a height of 3 feet on to flat concrete floor and theBling 2 survived without as well a scratch! The back cover fits intightly and does not leave any space in among, making it dust proofto few extent but the placement of the opening notch is odd and willcause few troubles to the ladies although opening the rear cover.

Including all, the Bling 2 is plannedfor a single hand operation which will be enjoyed by its users.
The 2.8 inch screen has a capacitivetouch that helps a smoother operation. The result of the display ison the lower slope but the Bling 2 compensates for it on ample colorvibrancy and image brightness.
The Bling has three main operation keyson the front, out of which the alternatives and the return key arecapacitive although the home key is a hardware push key placed rightunder the crystal encrusted semi circle.

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The volume keys are laced with theright slope and are simple to access although with the call likeconsiderable. The power key or the display turn off key is placed onthe top and is extreme comfortable to apply. One thing missing in theBling 2 is a dedicated camera key which is dearly missed althoughbringing pictures specifically like the camera application alsoplaces the capture key on the extreme left side of the screen makingit impossible to click applying a single hand although in landscapemode.

The Bling 2 A55 characteristics theAndroid Froyo 2.2 which is extreme stable and has the maximum numberof compatible application in the Android Marketplace. There is noinformation about the upgradable of this OS but it runs smoothexclude for a few occasional freezes. Throughout the course ofreview, which is almost a week, the phone froze for two times.

The 600 MHz processor affords iteverything the power required for a smooth operation and juice tosupport multitasking as well. The phone arrives preloaded on Net Quinanti-virus program, thus do not worry about security. A couple ofother useful applications as eBuddy messenger, Opera mini and Officesuite are as well preloaded creating this device ready to performright out of the box.

It has 3 megapixel fixed focus camerawhich clicks good images in daylight but the standard falls badly inthe night or low light conditions. The default Audio player and videoplayer of the phone supports experienced formats of videos and Audio,add users can download many other players if they require advancedmusic or video playback.

Bling 2 has one memory card slot whichis expandable upto 16 GB, but it would be better to apply 4 to 8 GBexternal memory to assure smooth usage. It has a 3.5mm jack forheadset and audio connectivity. The headset supplied on the phonedelivers average quality sound so if you love music you need to buy agood quality headset. The phone applies both Bluetooth and USB forexternal connectivity and Wi-Fi can be applied for data browsing soalthough indoors.