Universal Creators is proud to declarethe release and immediate worldwide availability of Flashlight LEDfor iPhone and iPod touch. It is the most high-speed, the brightestthe simplest to apply flashlight with the App Store. Flashlight LEDwill immediately brighten the night only in one click.

On update Flashlight LED becomes aswell better and demonstrates its number one title. Due to alonestate-of-the-art algorithm Flashlight LED is 2x faster as compare toother applications across different platforms. Moreover batterydrains slower although the time of apply doubles. Thanks to LED flashFlashlight LED is 10 times brighter as compare to other applications.

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Flashlight LED is optimized for bothright handed and left handed users. In addition, the application isonly 0.5Mb. It can be rapidly downloaded without worrying about thedata usage. It is a great application that can be applied anywhereand anytime for detecting keys or other lost items in the dark,reading a book at night, checking on kids etc.

“Our team endeavors to make easy andhandy apps for anybody to apply. Our Flashlight LED focuses on speed,simple and usefulness for the managing emergencies without heavyfunctions. I do not expect to have any other flashlight any more.”-said Brian Nam, CEO of Universal Creators. Universal Creators is asmall company located in Korea. It strives to create useful Mobileand PC applications with focus on usability, user interface and fun.Copyright 2012 Universal Creators. All Rights Reserved. Apple, theApple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of AppleInc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.