This May, at the BlackBerry Jam inOrlando, RIM designs on giving away 2,000 BlackBerry 10 flavoredhandsets to developers. The BlackBerry Jam will run from May 1st viathe 3rd beside the BlackBerry World Conference. The thought is toacquire the new OS in the hands of developers and these handsets areplanned particularly to let the code jockeys to write applicationsfor the new software. According to Alec Saunders, RIMísvice-president developer relations, these devices will not have thesame feels and navigation like the units that finally will be sold toconsumers. Saunders says that distributing these phones is importantto RIM's future. This is a tool the developer can use to get a jumpbegin to construct applications that will be great on a BlackBerry 10device in the future," the executive said.

A January survey from Accelerator andIDC displayed that 89 of the developers responding to the survey arevery interested in acquiring for the Apple iPhone That figure is 79for Android models and drops sharply to 16 for BlackBerry modelsSaunders said that RIM is maintaining rear with bringing out what theBlackBerry 10 OS will feel as in order to make a hum

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The new BlackBerry 10 handsets might aswell be able to bring advantage of the 10,000 applications alreadyavailable for apply on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. That deviceapplies the QNX OS that BlackBerry 10 is dependent on. Saunders saysthat his goal is to have each single PlayBook works on the BB10flavored smartphones. Company spokeswoman Victoria Berry, said onFriday that the novel BlackBerry 10 handsets will be released in thelatter part of 2012. This is a very crucial release for the Canadiandepended company like RIM has not been capable to be competitive oniOS and Android. RIM is wishing that affording the test devices outto the developers will result in a number of new applications thatmight be able to drive sales.

Affording away the test handsets inmerely a little over 4 weeks from now is a sign that RIM does have atimeline for the launch of its BB10 smartphones and that the newphones are on track to be launched earlier the end of the year.Lastly, a picture allegedly displaying the UI of the new operatingsystem was revealed. In extra, it is believed that RIM is presentlyworking on merely one model application BlackBerry 10.