Like if we did not have sufficientrumors about the incredibleness of the next Galaxy S or iPhonephones, now Nokia is acquiring in the mix with enigmatic clues howthe next Windows Phone 8 devices it creates are going to be"unbelievable".

In a classic unofficial rumor, somebodyallegedly met on a Nokia engineering guy, and now says that theApollo devices, one of which is with the rumored codename NokiaProdigy, are going to be "incredible" and much better ascompared to the present Lumia range. Something along those lines wehave already heard from Nokia's Niklas Savander, as well as the CEOStephen Elop himself.

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Most of the talk on the guy's Twitteraccount is rear and forth on N9 aficionados, and the apparent reasonfor meeting on the Nokia employee is more Meego Harmattan's futureand the upcoming default applications updates there, instead ofWindows Phone.

The upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 8devices were seemingly super sufficient to deserve a good word froman engineer that owns a Nokia N9, though. Lately we learned fromMSNerd that Nokia has been afforded carte blanche by Microsoft tomake proprietary camera module interfaces for its own Windows Phonehandsets, as well as put in charge of the battery and antenna plans,thus we are waiting on baited breath for the Apollo crop of Nokia'sWP handsets.