Jesus was popularly enthusiastic withshepherds. And Christianity - in common on various other worldreligions - abounds on shepherding metaphors. It is simple to watchwhy. Ancient shepherds were renowned for their dedication to theflock - protecting them from danger, supplying them on nourishment,and tracking those that strayed from the herd. The Good Shepherd isthe exact symbol of parental love and devotion.

Such ametaphor perfectly overlooks the segment where the sheep are shearedfor their wool or slaughtered for chops, but allow us not acquire soliteral. For its part, Clouds & Sheep is not so concerned on thereality of shepherding, presenting a cartoon world in which coffee isthe exact pick-me-up for weary rams and your field is like probablyto include a paddling pool and parasol as it is a fence.

The game creates an excellent firstimpression, presenting you to the catching expressive flock that youwill be tending to and teaching you few of the core principles of itsoffbeat edition of shepherding. For instance, you can cheer updreary ewes by chucking them across the level, and you are encouragedto ping sheep about by grabbing hold of their woolly tails andaffording them a stretch.

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You will have to hold the woollycritters watered and well-fed so, of course, but the game ispleasingly permissive when it arrives to interacting on your herd.You hardly have to be specifically careful in Clouds & Sheep, andthat intends that you are free to only experiment and play. Althoughthis freedom is initially liberating, it rapidly becomes a bitboring. Once the novelties dry up, you are left to play via scores ofobjectives that would not offer much challenge to a determined housepet.

Whether you are placing sheep for a photo opportunity ortapping rainclouds to water your field, the game asks thus little ofyou that it can occasionally feel as you are playing on aninteractive desktop wallpaper. And as the actions that you arecompleting offer small enjoyment in themselves, the absence ofchallenge works to erode any sense of satisfaction you might havebeen hoping for. If completing an objective required no skill and wasnot much fun, what is left for the player to enjoy?

Theseobjectives only keep coming. Your reward for completing a sure numberof the tasks is a move to fresh pastures, but since each new level islittle more as compared to a reskin of the last, on its own set ofodd jobs for you to run, completing a level rapidly becomes a dubiouspleasure. In fact, Clouds & Sheep is likely better described likea toy than a game. After all, the 'game' label implies challenge, adifficulty curve, and a sense of progression. Clouds & Sheep hasnone of these things. It surely deserves credit for its vibrantaesthetic and an array of merry musical numbers, but like a gameClouds & Sheep is only so slight to impress. It has superficialcharm, but Clouds & Sheep is actually little more as compared toa time-filler for the most casual of casual players. It isinoffensive, but even only extreme dull.